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At Smart Solar, we firmly believe that solar energy is the future. That's why we've developed our revolutionary Smart Solar Savings Plan, designed to empower you from day one. With our program, you can harness the incredible benefits of solar while your savings naturally cover the system's cost over a span of 6 years.

Embrace the solar revolution today and unlock a brighter, more sustainable future!

How It Works

Step 1
Tailor-Made Solar Solution

Start your cost-efficient solar journey with us. Use our calculator or call us to share your energy expenses. We'll visit your property in person to design a custom solar solution, estimating your potential savings.

Step 2
Savings That Pay Off

With our Smart Solar Savings Plan, the savings generated from your solar system cover the solar costs over 4-6 years. Once you own the system, enjoy 80-90% lower energy bills and clean energy for the next 20 years.

Step 3
Smart Monthly Bills

Our plan ensures your savings exceed repayments from day one. Pay less while your solar pays for itself. We prioritise top-notch quality for long-term benefits.

Step 4
Access the Full Savings

After 4-6 years, your solar system covers setup costs, offering freedom from high bills and greener living.

Step 5
Start Your Solar Journey Today!

Embrace a brighter, greener, cost-efficient future. Use our calculator or book a call to discover the potential. With Smart Solar, the future is brighter. Embrace solar today!

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