Q-Cells Solar Systems


Q CELLS is a renowned global solar energy company, known for its high-performance and reliable solar panels. Their advanced Q.ANTUM technology delivers high efficiency, making them an optimal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

With exceptional durability, innovative design, and outstanding performance even in low-light conditions, Q CELLS ensures maximum yield and return on investment. The company's commitment to continuous innovation and sustainability has made it a trusted name in the solar industry.

Q.ANTUM DUO Technology


Q.ANTUM DUO Technology is an advanced solar cell technology developed by Q CELLS. It is an upgrade to the original Q.ANTUM Technology, offering even higher efficiency and improved performance. The technology is designed to maximise power generation from the sun by using a unique combination of features:

Layout Optimisation

The layout of Q.ANTUM DUO cells is optimised to enhance light capture and utilisation, resulting in improved performance even under low-light conditions. This ensures that the solar panels can generate electricity efficiently throughout the day, including during cloudy or overcast weather.

Half-Cell Design

Q.ANTUM DUO cells are divided into half-cells, allowing them to perform more efficiently and reduce power losses.

This design minimises electrical resistance within the cells and increases overall energy output.

Higher Efficiency

Q.ANTUM DUO Technology enables the solar panels to achieve higher conversion efficiencies, meaning they can convert a larger percentage of sunlight into usable electricity compared to conventional solar panels. This can result in higher energy yields and better overall system performance.

Fortune 500 & Bankable
Solar Provider


Q CELLS is a prominent solar energy company and a global leader in solar panel manufacturing. Here are some facts that demonstrate their reliability and status in the industry:

Fortune 500

Being part of the Fortune 500 list indicates that Q CELLS is one of the most successful and financially stable companies in the world. It reflects their strong performance, market presence, and long-term sustainability.


In the solar industry, the term "bankability" refers to a company's ability to secure project financing from reputable financial institutions. Q CELLS is widely recognized as a bankable solar provider, meaning that their products and projects are considered financially viable and secure investments. This gives confidence to investors, installers, and customers in the reliability and quality of their solar panels.

Industry Recognition

Q CELLS has received numerous awards and accolades for their high-quality products and innovative technology. Their reputation as a reliable solar panel manufacturer has been established through years of delivering excellent performance and customer satisfaction.

Uncompromisingly Efficient

Qcells solar modules with Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology not only deliver impressive performance in real-world conditions, but also offer first-class performance guarantees of 98 % in the first year and a full 86 % after 25 years.

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