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Smart Solar was formed by a group of industry professionals. Our team possess over 25 years of cumulative experience each with a wealth of knowledge in their specialised fields of technology, compliance, and client focused satisfaction.

Experience the difference with Smart Solar—our solutions are designed to be cheaper than what you're currently paying for energy today.

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Mission & Values


At Smart Solar, we've witnessed a common industry trend. Established solar companies and large organisations frequently change ownership, shifting focus towards profits instead of customer satisfaction. That's why we're different.

We founded Smart Solar to prioritise exceptional customer service and support, offering an alternative approach in the industry.

About Smart Solar


At Smart Solar, we offer end-to-end professionally accredited solutions for both commercial and residential needs. With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, we provide expert opinions and guidance.

We strive to change the lack of customer care prevalent in the industry by prioritising exceptional service. Our affordable solutions require no upfront cost, making them accessible everyone!

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